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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You Got Yourself Into This Mess, ...

"Daddy?" the young lady cried, "I'm in trouble!"

"What's wrong, sweetie?" the father asked of his college aged child.

"I'm maxed out on my credit cards and my rent is due! Can I borrow $500 from you and Mom?"

"Too bad, honey," he began, "You got yourself into this mess, so you get yourself out of it. Your mother and I have our own debt problems. Further, because of your poor decisions we feel the need to punish you, so we're taking away your car."

"But that's not fair!!" she cried.

So. What do you think of old Dad? Before you answer, consider some statements from a few letters to the editor of our local newspaper about the bailout, paraphrased here:

"We're already $10T in debt. It is like trying to dig yourself out of a hole to go further into debt to solve this problem." "Instead, how about punishing the creditors for their poor decisions."

Apples and Oranges?


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